Saturday, January 4, 2014

Micromax to release KitKat for its devices

Not so long since the other manufacturers started rolling out the updates, we have another MMX leak. Just after WickedLeak has announced a KK update for the Z+, a leak specifies that MMX is working for the KitKat updates on its devices

If the sources are to be trusted, then its true; Micromax, the Indian mobile giant is reportedly developing android KitKat for its flagship devices.

According to the recent tweet by MMXNewsCaster, which is known for Micromax leaks and nearly all of them turning true, MMX KitKat is a work in progress. Here's the tweet:

It clearly shows that the flagship models viz. A250, A240, A210, A200, A117, A116 and its clone A116i, A114, A111, A110, A110Q will be getting the kitkat updates.
Also it shows that some of the devices will be getting a 4.1.x update as well.

So about time, though there's no ETA specified, one can be sure that this company is trying to keep the markets occupied; provided the leaks re true

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